About us

HydroWind is a Belgian company active in wind energy and other renewable energy sectors. Our core-business is to rent or sell equipment for Wind Energy Assessment studies. Together with our international partners we can offer complete wind resources assessment and optimization studies for your small to large wind energy projects.

With our more then 20 years experience and installations in more than 20 countries, we are confident we can provide you with assistance or complete installation teams for wind met masts for your projects, world wide.

We install masts up-to 60 meters that require no climbing, cranes, drills or concrete foundations.

For altitudes higher than 60 meters, we offer remote sensing equipment, whether or not in combination with measuring masts

HydroWind has a fleet of 5 lidars (WindCube) for renting to complement mast measurements.

We provide a full service with power pack trailer, installation and maintenance.

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Want to know more or to get a quotation, please contact us at info@hydrowind.eu

HydroWind BV, Veldkantstraat 119, 1850 Grimbergen, Belgium, VAT: BE 0474.361.177